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Postby Wayland Davis on Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:26 am

It was just an “old wallet” that’s been tattered and torn as the pants pocket which now holds it is now well worn. The money it contained was the color of green but the president’s faces are more likely to be those of old George Washington’s who just about takes up mostly; if not all, of the wallet’s partitioned spaces… albeit if opened in public would normally not ever be seen. “Old Wallets” are carried by eighty percent of the human race as their daily worth often varies in exchanged value as its contents are being individually passed from one hand to the eagerly awaiting hands of another. In trying harder without much success to remain tightly closed and folded so as to keep the little money it holds but an owner’s wife and the children think it’s forever holding pure gold instead of the few pieces of paper money of the much fewer dollars it would often loosely fold.

The kids always need this thing or that: new pair of shoes or a brand new coat… as a friend has one of these items looking cool just about like that. The “Old Wallet” owner now tries even harder consistently to keep all his money to save but instead the family’s needs are great as he monthly can hardly do any of that. The high prices they willingly do pay to have everything others get but regardless; it will not equal the sacrifice from whence being at work on a chair a rear-end will sit while earning those few cash dollars for working fathers pay they monthly do get. You’d never know that dad was still around until it’s that time of the month for a next payday for this they can bet. Forthwith, it regularly comes at each month’s end always something that’s not easily forgotten at home. Once their little hands had reached out to him constantly even before dad takes off his street shoes to enter his home, and all the while trying to take off his coat, tie, and routinely on his head wearing still a round brim all-weather hat. He too must sometimes feel like an “old wallet” one that’s been taken out so often that he too must have forgotten about on which side it’s kept so is his “old wallet” kept in the left side rear pocket or in the one on the right?

While it was bought for him as a birthday gift when purchased from the local general store but when it was presented to him most of the money he kept inside it was all crisp new looking bills. The “old wallet” also was brand-new back then but the many years of useful service has had a wear and tear period of used time; whereas, a giving father has taken out this “old wallet” so often he has worn its tightly stitched edges. Although the leather bound flat surfaces are all scuffed, rubbed against, and are likewise too smeared with some darkening stains. From human fingers grasping; pulling it out of a pocket so often to get at and then removing some often demanded earned income in various smaller amounts of the hard earned cash. A father’s duty in doing so with nothing more or less to be gained for its all of his fatherly love and a supporting task.

The “old wallet” surely must often think, if it could be as the same, that if it wasn’t for the value it too provides. It would rather want to be kept shut, forgotten about, and allowed over time just to retain most of the greenbacks in dollars as an emergency fund for growing a bigger wad of folded stash. It’s perfectly easy enough for an “old wallet” to think all anyone would every care about is the money it holds… as it could also be that a family would possibly even think lesser of their father if he didn’t continue too handout any cash at all. And if he didn’t would they still care even more about the cash in the “old wallet” he now holds back or as this kind of thinking seems to suggests; would it be so wrong to speak up on such matters or if being said like this sounds much too crude or is it an unforgiving tone of core feelings now being used to brash?

Parents have all of the responsibilities to raise their children, and being a part of this is to see to their immediate needs to educate and support them in their time of greatness need but there comes a time when children grow up into women and men. Then while daddy’s personal needs are oftentimes more likely than not are forgotten about as he too has aged. For in the early years it had come so easy to ask him to share much of his personal time and the easy money they all said he had willingly gave. He would always provide it from an opened “old wallet” that has held the readily shared cash he had earned from his many years of hard labor at work. Then he too has given to each family member whom for many years often had asked him for this steady giving as he too had lovingly cared. Being a loving older father, he is now a much better example of a good provider or then perhaps he too now feels the same as an empty “old wallet” as he has many times over given out money generously to the family in those past previous years of longest worry for keeping his children nested and feed.

Think about this: maybe your own father too had often felt at times as being neglected or even rejected but is there still enough time left, figuratively speaking, to prevent daddy’s imagined feelings from being placed into a back pocket or too not be acknowledged at all but sometimes or better yet not to ever be left alone empty nor even being forgotten about. His many faithful years of providing for the family’s lifelong support are now almost spent—in a lifetime of good living as are many of those better years once have now quickly passed-by in plain sight. Without their even once taking a clear notice or forgetting their own father’s needs nor not ever lifting-up a well deserved helping hand. But you do nothing instead having shown no further daily interest of helping daddy to get by thus as he does also require more consideration for his yearly care giving. Which by now is expected of his family but this too may no longer be as generously given to him nor could it be ever again as an equally shared family sacrifice from those both grown-up now into women and men? God Bless our Moms’ and Dads!

Wayland B. Davis/June 10, 2010
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