A Dream Career Continued #5

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A Dream Career Continued #5

Postby Wayland Davis on Sat Nov 17, 2007 11:22 pm

Life while stationed at one single stateside base for a much longer period of duty such as the one at Langley AFB, Home to the Tactical Air Command was all about moving on up in potential status and personal acceptability even when being at the lower scale in rank and privilege an Airman was left with little options. I had proven myself as one of the boys, trusted, capable, and as eager to share in making USAF history. It was a period some do not remember; the days of Mobility Exercises, when we were place on 24-hour standby for a recall notification to report for worldwide deployment. Our simulated status on reporting for duty at a moments notice with a duffel bag filled of our military belongings and it thrown with others onto a ton and a halve stake body military vehicle leaving the assembly compound for a short trip to the flight line hanger for processing, tagged, and placed on pallets for aircraft simulation fly-away, and then sent through a shot line to take vaccinations nearly ever six month to keep us well protected from just about every disease imaginable enough to fill a shot record in a few years. This was before they began the 10-year Yellow fever and the dreaded GG shot in the buttocks.

Then came the long wait sitting- laying down in a crowded hanger floor all day not knowing if this was a real world event or a practice one for the day when there was one. No one talked to the younger troops just left us in the dark some of us laid back just closed our eyes and wished that we were elsewhere. Didn't make much sense to the many who were experiencing all this more than we could stand without leaving the hanger area for lunch or milling around to cope with the boredom. Requirements such as these were tiring and much to mundane for Airman to value. We hated it took to long and proved little to us anyway and our arms were hurting later on into the days activities. We just wanted it to end. Soon it did and of course we couldn't realize or see any benefit of the whole exercise but someone in a higher authority must have gained some value in what we considered a waste of our time. Young Airman are not required to know the bigger picture just to do as told and be ready to respond when required. We were ready but the whole time stationed at Langley AFB, we never got into an airplane or lifted off the runway. If we had that would have at least been exciting and also an experience we had never felt. It was not to be but the Air Force called it maintaining in ready status for worldwide deployment. The Tactical Air Command was as ready as ever and I for one valued our small part doing it for mobility readiness.
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