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Remember, the day that you enlisted, for whatever reason it was that you did? A simple question but one hardly ever as easy to explain or haven’t you give it some thought. Each “war fighter” could now pause and give somewhat of an answer, but is it the real reason for doing one of the most important actions of one’s life? It is the same thing as writing a blank check on, which is the promise of giving your life to America that can be cashed-in at will in the defense of the Nation. Indeed, it can also be for a realized opportunity to advance your education, a job, learn a skill or just more time to grow-up as the early years will prepare you for a better career retirement.

The promise is never as simple as that, and it doesn’t happen initially; nor with an intent on having any emotional expression for feeling good about it while in the service of country, and the long and honorable service providing for the common good. It resides much deeper at a depth level of the highest of emotions that sends chills up and down your spine with the playing of the National Anthem. Is the folding of the American Flag at a burial ceremony, and the hand off to a widow, mother, dad, child or brother? These things all have something in common that no amount of sorrow can be measured on a scale that is deucedly unbalanced. By a heavy price paid that tips the scales without any consideration for the value of a human life.

Take a concerted look at those citizens that step forward and raise their hand then take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, to obey the orders of the Officers appointed, and those of the President of The United States of America. They appear at the induction centers throughout America. Many will be from previous military families, and in keeping with shared duty, honor, and pride of those parents that sacrificed in our past wars. They may have grownup on military installations overseas or in the United States. They have moved-- often left behind their friends, and are still as willing to do so once more.

Rarely, will they spend more than a few years at one post or base, and even so married will not escape the separation. Loneliness is the first trait to acquire it promotes self-indulgence and reliance. A positive approach in job performance and leadership as a competent leader is required and necessary in combat. Many will come to believe that in times of war they may not be sent into battle just starting out but they’d be wrong, and too must make decisions that are uncommon to those made by a breed of citizens who always avoids military duty or even looks on the military as not being their personal responsibility to act.

It is saddening to realize that they also share the financial benefits of a social society but will not pay the high price of dyeing to keep any of it. Let someone else die for our country but is never them that do it. If the draft was implemented today there would be a large stream of “cut and run” fellows headed over the borders—north and South in a New York minute. Enough American Citizens to populate a new country of deserters. The last ones to do that were the Vietnam War deserters estimated to be 300,000 more or less. They were given a presidential pardon and were accepted back into society without any punishment or still able to walk on the same ground, and share the constitutional rights of those whom had earned them.

The homeless from our war is turned away-- called beggars and panhandlers forced to sleep in the woods, in doorways, and alleys. Under bridges are now off-limits by Homeland Security, and the shelters are closed or shutdown by Chamber of Commerce business interest in cities and towns that say (we ) vets scare the tourist too-- is bad for business. Pardon me! It was “bad business” that put us there by many of the same politicians who stayed behind exempt with draft notice referrals. Stinky and repugnant as it seems, Public Officials have no funds to care for these Veterans, and will there be more to come with Iraq and Afghanistan?

The cause and effect of saving the lives of these Veterans with signs of PTSD, IED brain injuries, and enormous numbers of amputees cannot imaginably be forever roaming the streets and highways throughout this Nation. It would be deplorable for anyone of these “heroes” having to do that. America has a way of forgetting the helpless ones after the wars are final. They will need lifelong medical care and a support system to keep their spirits high and the body functional with no end in sight. On top of trying to exculpate our feelings for those Vietnam “war fighters.” Veterans still left out in the cold by a not so grateful Nation it now being 35 years since the end of SEA hostilities.

I am a personal witness to a local troop that has the very same stoic stare of a “warrior” who has seen death too many times, and his fellow soldiers defending each other and trying to stay alive. His telling comment to me was: “I hate sheep.” No more or less, I understood that combat concentration is broken by the natural environment when the enemy is near, concealed, and is willing to kill. He sits in the truck alone staring at the floor mat and he remembers-- things he can never forget. Just minutes before; he was talkative and cheerful in my presents but the quiet had taken him back to his reality that he soon would be taken back to that place of heightened alert and personal danger—the killing. The sheep also would still be there—the trigger. I recall in SEA it was the geese that stood sentry duty as any intruder would be called out if they came upon a flock kept under a shack build up on stilts. Sleep soundly good buddy until the geese begin cackling the best alarm in all Southeast Asia.

The fight that is sometimes needed and necessary by a Nation rests on its youth. We send them off to war as they are most unsuspecting the least. The career professionals tell them what to do and not to do. But it is their duty to obey and charge on with the determination and strength to prove that they can complete the tasks asked of them as volunteers. America’s escape goat is in the knowledge that as Volunteers they willingly ask to be “war fighters” and are used for that purpose to fight wars at the beck and call of the politicians often in duty for unnecessary wars. This omen began in the Vietnam War and has continued by Dessert Storm, Panama, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. We see clearly the use of contractors who make tens of thousands of dollars more than the active duty troops. It is suggested that the troops receive less pay in future years due to the high cost of paying for the cost to fight our wars.

Pay reduction too only one and a half percent increases for years ahead on the active duty troop budget side for the ones in harm’s way are regrettable. If this is proof positive then lets contract out the entire war machine to foreign nationals, and negotiate the contract price. If that is not an option then lets at least reinstate the draft and put everyone on equal footing and with compulsory two years of military service to this great Nation. Share the hardship with equal pay and patriotic fervor. We can see the pathway to “used them and forget about it” the term as the economy is stretched to the breaking point and cutting back on cost for the poor, retired, and disable ones used up and unable to provide for themselves are the politicians easier targets instead of say-- paying homage to “wall street.”

Elected officials have forgotten that they serve the public. Not to spend time on getting reelected term after term selling their votes to the special interest for a campaign contribution. Wiser citizens are catching on and feeling that sickening feeling of being deceived. Most can only forward information that supports one side or the other. It would be best to just delete and think for ourselves. Is the spirit of America coming full circle and we as investor’s or just pawns to be manipulated on election years then are forgotten. I thought about not voting then the potential “bad guys and gals” win if it is they that get reelected so where is the benefit in that?

We really need a change in the entire system for so long as our “wannabe” candidates and elected officials who will or have had their way. It is time to get involved and send your complaints directly to your elected Representative or Senator by saying: “you’re fired.” Its twenty-ten better get a scald on to help identify those whom in public service that are doing it to the public instead of for the people. You decide and let’s make America great again for the next generation. GOD BLESSES THE TROOPS AND OF YOU!

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February 7, 2010
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