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Postby cdavis on Sun Apr 17, 2005 3:21 am

Hello, I know that sometimes discussions can get heated and people can strongly disagree with each other, but please try to maintain some amount of civility and composure. Please refrain from using derogitory comments and outright slander, and under no circumstances will any of the normal civil liberties or laws be violated on these forums such as flaming about a persons, race, religion, beliefs, or values, etc... Please try to refain from posting anything that cannot be 100% substantiated, and if it is your opinion make sure you state it as your opinion, if it is fact please try to back up any information you may have with proof.

Under no circumstances will this board be used to distribute pornographic material or links to such materials, (though pictures directly related to redhorse/primebeef/military events) will be tolerated, if anyone objects to any picture posted in the forums it will be up to the admin to determin whether to remove it or not. Also this board will not be used to sell anything not related directly to redhorse/primebeef/military.

Failure to comply with these rules which can be modified at any time when the need arises, can and will get you banned whether temporarily or permanantly.

This board is to be used for the exchange of old stories, ideas, and a place for people to come and learn about redhorse and prime beef and what they stood for and also what they accomplished.

Anyone can read the forums but to post a topic or to respond you must be a regustered user. Also only a moderator or admin can delete posts, so if you want a particular post deleted either edit the post and request it be deleted or send a private message to a mod or admin, please only private message an admin or mod when absolutely needed such as reporting a board use violation, or request for deletetion of a post.
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